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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-11-26 - Saturday
Characters Nemo, Nemo's Father, Nemo's Grandfather, Nemo's Mother
Contents Celery_(1), Cityscapes_(27), Falling_(131), Forests_(24), Handguns_(11), Holidays_(24), Monsters_(23), Moon_(49), Turkeys_(5)
Transcript Messenger: You - bring Nemo here to the king, that's all, just you bring him here. That's all.

Caption: Along about midnight, Nemo thought he felt the house tremble, but when his mama, excitedly, called him he was
Nemo's Mother: Oh, Nemo, get up! Something terrible has happened!

Caption: convinced. His papa was also greatly excited and proceeded to ascertain if possible the cause of the violent shaking,
Nemo's mother: Go and see what it is, papa! The house is shaking so. Go! Papa!
Nemo's father: Keep still! Keep still!

Caption: swaying and creaking of their home. Outside, the night was still, yet the house seemed to be floating away in

Caption: air. Nemo persuaded his mama to remain inside while papa was seeking the disturbance on the outside. Their home
Nemo's father: That's funny. I don't understand the cause of this at all.

Caption: was slowly but surely ascending skyward but by what mysterious power Nemo's papa could not -
Nemo's father: Well, what is it?

Caption: make out. Nemo suggested, that it might be some monster giant but his papa called him a "rattle brain" and ordered him to pacify his mama who was making elaborate plans to faint.
Nemo's father: Mama, if you will keep quiet I will find out all about it, yes!

Caption: But Nemo's suggestion was a fact and before he could warn his parents he lost his balance and fell. Although very busy he screamed a farewell and quickly -

Caption: departed downward. We know he must have felt miserable. The awful fate of his papa and ma
Nemo: Oh! My poor - oh! mama and papa. Oh!

Caption: ma was his one thought until he landed. Fortunately, a lake of nice springy cranberry sauce received him without harm, although he thought little and cared less about his own pre-
Nemo: Oh! Help me! I'm going to drown! Papa! Mama! Oh! Help I'm -

Caption: dicament. Nemo had never won prizes for feats of swimming but he managed to get to shore. So awfully exasper-
Nemo: I must run - ah swim to my papa and mama, quick! I just must find out

Caption: ated that he broke into tears. His one aim was to find what had become of papa and mama, so he plunged into
Nemo: what became of our house, oh! This is awful! I'm -

Caption: the forest of celery stalks on the banks of the lake. He soon became lost however and began bawling
Nemo: Oh! I'm lost! I'm lost I'm - I don't - I can't - I don't know - I'm -

Caption: until his grandpa came in and quieted him.

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