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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-12-03 - Saturday
Characters King Morpheus, Lunatix, Nemo, Nemo's Mother, The Princess
Contents Chasing_(79), Crying_(23), Levitation_(4), Moon_(49), Running_(142)
Transcript Lunatix: Your majesty, may I try to bring Nemo here? I have a very brilliant idea.
King Morpheus: You just can, and I hope you succeed.

Caption: Little Nemo was nicely snoozing when a feeling of floating in the air came over him. He felt the bed ascending

Caption: ceilingward, and while it astonished him, it also interested him considerably. Nemo was rather inclined to enjoy the

Caption: sensation when he was startled by a slat dropping from underneath and from then on he was all excitement.

Caption: His curiosity, however, stayed his fears. The falling of the bed slats spoiled for him what otherwise might have been a

Caption: delightful trip to the sky. But the vanishing of his bed, piece by piece,

Caption: kept him so busy guessing, that sightseeing was out of the question. The -

Caption: night was clear but windy. Nemo was really shipwrecked in the air, and while the gale whistled through the rigging, Nemo was seen desperately struggling with the ramparts of his bed. But it seemed our brave boy must soon perish until -

Caption: he arrived at the moon, where he was most cordially received. Although he was all but exhausted and anxious to land some place, Nemo hesitated when he saw the vast doorway. However, -

Caption: he cautiously entered, after listening to the glib tongue of Lunatix, the guide. Nemo could not resist the temptation to step inside, for a second at least, but it was only for a second as the great door closed up like a bear trap and, as we observe, almost -

Caption: caught our tired and discouraged hero. It was almost cruel for Lunatix to pursue little Nemo but he meant no
Lunatix: Don't run away, wait a minute.

Caption: harm. he wished only to bring Nemo to Slumberland where a weeping princess awaited. But Nemo could not, would
Lunatix: Don't run! Don't run away, I won't hurt you, no. No!
Nemo: No! No! No! No! Never

Caption: not listen. His only thought was home and how to get there. When he ran completely around the moon some
Nemo: Mama! Mama! Oh! Mama! Come and get your little Nemo oh!

Caption: dozens of times he became so utterly exhausted that he gave up the chase and screamed until he awoke.
Nemo's mother: I told you last night that you would dream if you ate those doughnuts. But you would not listen.

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