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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-09-24 - Monday
Characters Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Krazy Katbird, Krazy Katfish
Contents Airplanes_(11), Birds_(87), Boats_(35), Constellations_(2), Falling_(131), Fish_(16), Flying_(21), Moon_(49), Oceans_(30), Submarines_(2)
Transcript (Ignatz is in his new submarine, while Krazy is in his crate-boat on the surface.)
Ignatz: Away from that pest of a 'Kat' at last- in my little 'Aero-submarine', ah, this is the existence.
Krazy: From ocean to ocean I have sailed, and not a sign of him- Oh, 'Ignatz', wherefore is you, 'Ignatz'?

(Krazy Katfish approaches Krazy's boat.)
Katfish: So it is for 'Ignatz Mouse' that you grieve, heh, 'Krazy'?
Krazy: Yes, Kousin 'Ketfish' , it is for he I sorrow, him whom I have seeked this many day upon the oceans buzzum without a success-

(Katfish swims off.)
Krazy: Ogosh Ogosh.
Katfish: Poor 'Krazy'.

(Katfish swims to Ignatz' window.)
Ignatz: This is the quiet life in the depths of the sea, in my little 'Flying-Diving-Belle', Yes Sir?

(Katfish finds his Katfish friends.)
Katfish: Hey!! Fellas, come quick!!

Katfish: We must inform our 'Kousin Krazy', he's looking all over for him-
Ignatz: Dah-gunnit!! I am discovered, but I'll foil them yet-

Ignatz: Hoh, fools!! You little reckoned the wisdom of 'Ignatz Mouse'!
(He flies out of the water.)

(Krazy Katbird flies up to Krazy.
Katbird: For goodness sake, 'Krazy', what ails you?
Krazy: Oh cousin 'Ket-bird', I am grieving alone on the deep, for 'Ignatz", Him who is lost- odeer-odeer, my soul is splitting-

(Katbird flies off.)
Krazy: ogosh-ogosh
Katbird: Poor 'Krazy'

(Katbird flues up to Ignatz' flying device.)
Katbird: ?
Ignatz: They'll never trail me up here, the low upstarts-

(The other Katbirds join Krazy Katbird at the plane.)
Krazy Katbird: We must inform our kousin 'Krazy', he's looking all over for him-

(Ignatz jumps from the plane. The Katbirds fly off.)
Ignatz: S'no use, the whole universe is full of "Kats".

(He crashes into Krazy's boat.)

(They fall asleep under the stars.)

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