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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1911-03-26 - Thursday
Characters Flip, Impie, Nemo
Contents Airships_(67), Breaking_the_fourth_wall_(34), Cityscapes_(27), Courthouses_(3), Crowds_(25), Marching_bands_(4), Musical_notation_(5), Owls_(23), Sailboats_(6), Ships_(31), Steamboats_(9), Trombones_(4), Tubas_(5)
Transcript From Airship: Oh! There is Detroit, Michigan! This is the Detroit River, which separates Michigan from Canada! Railroad trains cross it through a tunnel underneath.
From Airship: Yes. And this river connects Lake Huron with Lake Erie, stopping for a rest in Lake St. Clair! I wonder if Flip is here ahead of us!

From Airship: This is the Wayne County Court House! It strikes me we are not going to pass that tower without striking it. Oh! Look out !!!!!
From Airship: Say, Captain! What are you trying to do? Push this building over onto someone? Please be careful!

Captian: I can't seem to stop running into these electric towers!
Nemo: What is the trouble up there? Can't you see where you're going, Captain?

From Airship: Be careful, Captain. Don't drop on to the flowers. Get right up close to the steps. There!
There are so many flowers! This old city hall seems to be completely buried in them!
Person in Crowd: Have you seen Flip? He came in this morning from Cleveland. He's a wonder
Person in Crowd 2: Yes! He's up Woodward avenue raising the merry old Ned!
Person in Crowd 3 :Here comes Flip now! With a brass band! I want to see Nemo!

Boy: Oh! You got here at last! Your friend Flip is here! Came in on the Cleveland boat. How long can you stay?
Nemo: We'll be in Detroit all day. Where is Flip? You must keep an eye on him! Let's hunt for him right away.
Owl: What is the excitement? I hear a lot of cheering! I wonder if it is Flip?

Boy: Here he is coming now! He was mad this morning because he didn't find tents and elephants at Grand Circus. It's a park, you know!
Nemo: He looks happy now. Sure! Oh! I've heard so much about this city!

Boy: You know Detroit is considered the prettiest city in this country!
Flip: Hush! You people here don't know how swell your city is! Let me tell about it! This is the classiest town we have struck yet, Nemo!
Wait 'till I show you Belle Isle. Um! Come with me!
Owl: I'd like to go up the river and see the beautiful summer resorts and homes! How clean everything looks in Detroit! Clean and fresh.

Boy: There is nothing you could wish for that Detroit can not furnish or has not got.
Nemo: I wish the princess of Slumberland was here to see this beautiful place. Just think, we have got to leave in an hour or so! Um!
Flip: I'm no kid. I'm twenty-three years old! I'm stunted, that's all! I'm a runt!
Owl: I think I'd better fly to the balloon and and tell the Captain to comer over here and get us!

Nemo: Good bye! Good bye! We must be in Indianapolis next week!
Owl: That's Windsor, Canada, across the river! Not Winsor McCay.
Flip: The next time I come I'll take you up on that frog's legs dinner!
Proposition! Good bye, Girls!

Nemo: Oh! How I do hate to get up! I had such a fine dream!

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