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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1922-01-08 - Monday
Characters Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Offissa Pupp
Contents Bread_(4), Bricks_(236), Digging_(2), Falling_(131), Gardening_(1), Hospitals_(1), Litters_(2), Monkeys_(11), Smoking_(17), Trees_(26)
Transcript [[Krazy Kat sits on the ground, talking to a monkey who is smoking a cigar]]
Monkey: Yes "Krazy" in my country, we have no bakeries, because our bread grows on trees - yes sir, that's the kind of a country mine is - while yours, pooh - y'could'nt raise the hole of doughnut in it -- nozza - y'could'nt
Krazy: I seem to deteck a bit of brag in your talk, do I not, Mr. Munque?
Narrator: "Krazy" meets a pilgrim from the tropics, who tells him this, and tells him that, and gets his goat.

[[The monkey exits stage left, Krazy ponders to himself]]
Monkey: Well - good bye -
Krazy: Zam bam him, i'll show him we can raise bread in "Coconino" a ding sight more betta than in the tropicals -
Narrator: Not to be outdone by no vain vaunting torrid zoner "Krazy" decides to duplicate, in Coconino, a tree of bread, an horticultural feat of no puny proportions -

[[Krazy baking, surrounded by flour salt, a jug, and standing next to a freshly-dug hole in the ground]]
Krazy: L'il did he know that I come from a femly of bread carpenters -
Narrator: And so gets busy on the nucleus of his arboreal bakery.

[[Krazy still baking]]
Krazy: Dum bum my eye - I forgot to bring the yeast -

[[Smaller frames - Krazy walking]]
Krazy: I'll go get it - for yeast is werra werra nessaserra to a bread.

[[Ignatz walks up to the bread-baking things while Krazy is still away, carrying a sack marked "Cement" on his back]]
Ignatz: Hm, from the look of things, somebody is making bread dough

Ignatz: This cement will give it weight, body, and durability.

[[Ignatz walks off stage]]
Ignatz: I sure was glad to get rid of that load.

[[Krazy returns]]
Krazy: There now, here's the yeast, and all is hunka dora -

[[Krazy pours the dough in the hole in the ground]]
Krazy: Now begins the plenting -

[[Krazy walks away from the hole, now filled in]]
Krazy: Afta I get to be a first class bread farma, I'll try raising dough nut trees, pie vines & biskit bushes -

[[Krazy inspects the plant emerging from where he planted the bread-tree]]
Krazy: Ah, my l'il bread tree, soon will you grow to manhood, & give forth a nice home made loaf of bread - and "Ignatz mice" shall be the first to taste of it - l'il cake eater though he be -

[[Back to normal frame size - Ignatz looks at the tree, now much taller than he is, and with one single bread "fruit" on the top]]
Ignatz: Dawgunnit!! A bread fruit - I'll shake it down and help myself to it -

[[Ignatz shakes the tree, the bread fruit is falling towards his head]]
Ignatz: If I could only find a jam mine now -

[[Ignatz gets clobbered on the head by the heavy loaf]]

[[Officer Pupp and the Coyote with an unconcious Ignatz on a strecher, in front of a building labled "Hospital", Krazy looking on]]
Pupp: Yes "Krazy" we found him under your bread tree, somebody had flattened him out with a chunk of solid cement, this wide, this high, and this long -- say, he wont come to for a week -
Krazy: Oh how my first bread fruit will cheer him in the hospital l'il inwillid.

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