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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1906-02-11 - Saturday
Characters Cupid, Nemo
Contents Caricatures_(24), Cupids_(1), Deception_(30), Girls_(2), Hearts_(Symbols)_(2)
Transcript Gnome: Nemo wants to come to Slumberland.
Cupid: I will show him the way.

Caption: Sleepy as Nemo was, when Cupid appeared at his bed-side he quick-
Cupid: Come with me, Nemo, and I will show you your Valentine. Yes!

Caption: -ly arose. Cupid is a business like fellow and in short order was escorting Nemo -
Cupid: Open the door and step inside. Be quick! Because I want to take you to Slumberland, afterwards.

Caption: through the wilds and wonders of Wooland. The trip was one long, continual maze -
Cupid: Go right on in, Nemo, and you will see the way.

Caption: of beautiful settings, which caused the heart of Nemo to
Cupid: Isn't that pretty?, Nemo, is it not?
Nemo: No!!!

Caption: beat high, until they reached the "Chamber of Horrors," as Cupid called it, when he wished that he had not come. He said he could see just such people pass his home every day and was
Cupid: Oh! This is the would be Valentines. I forgot. We'll go on further now.

Caption: tired of looking at them, but Cupid assured him that the real Valentines were soon to come. It is needless to say how Nemo acted or how feverishly he chose his
Cupid: Now, Nemo, you may choose your Valentine. Take your time. They are all pretty.

Caption: Valentine after entering Cupids bower, except to say that
Cupid: Good bye, Nemo. Will see you later.
Nemo: Will you be my Valentine, my pretty little maid?

Caption: the visions of beauty almost prostrated him. It was not until
Nemo: May I have the pleasure of your company to Slumberland?

Caption: he proceeded on to Slumberland that he discovered that Cupid was
Nemo: I should like to have you meet my papa and mama, some day--

Caption: a cheat and that his Valentine was merely tinseled paper.
Nemo: Oh! Oh! You are only paper! You are only card board and tinsel! Cupid! Cupid! Cupid!

Caption: The shock aroused him and his parents, also, it seems.
Parent off-panel: What's the trouble in there, Nemo? Go to sleep!

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