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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-05-07 - Saturday
Characters Gooseberry Sprig, Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat
Contents Angels_(8), Books_(5), Bricks_(236), Dogs_(120), Echoes_(1), Encyclopedias_&_dictionaries_(1), Sombreros_(6)
Transcript Ignatz: I must find that 'Krazy Kat'. And when I Do, Ah-h

Ignatz: Kraz-ee-ee.



Gooseberry Sprig: Who dares to tell me, Gooseberry Spring the Duck Duke, to halt! Huh?
Ignatz: Go no farther, Duke; at your peril.

Ignatz: Just as loud as you can, Duke.
Gooseberry: Kwa-a-a Kwa-a-a

Ignatz: Hear that -- Huh - Hear that?
Voice:Kwa-a-a Kwa-a-a

Ignatz: What do you make of it, Duke?
Gooseberry: How should I know, fool, move over a bit, and give me some room.

Dog: What's that?
Ignatz: Just you cann out loud, and you'll see.
Gooseberry: You surely will sir.

Dog: Bow-Wow!!

Ignatz & Gooseberry: See?
Dog: I see
Voice: Bow Bow!

All: ?

Dog: I think i forgot something, I-I-I'd better go back and get it.

Gooseberry: I think I did too -- uh -- in fact I'm sure I did.

Ignatz: Ah-hah -- Here comes Krazy.

Krazy: I wonder where is it Ignatz?

Ignatz: He'll be scared to death.
Krazy: Oh Ignatz, ooh-hoo.

Krazy: My Goodness, listen to that echo.
Voice: Oh Ignatz, ooh-hoo.

Krazy:Well, I guess I'd better be finding Ignatz, l'il angel.

Krazy:Ah-h at last, my darling is here.

Ignatz: A-a-ah -- Shut up!!
Voice: A-a-ah -- Shut up!!

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