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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1909-10-03 - Saturday
Characters Doctor Pill, Flip, Impie, Nemo, Nemo's Father, The Dancing Missionary, The Professor
Contents Falling_(131), Forests_(24), Monsters_(23), Rifles_(23)
Transcript Doctor Pill: Well, we are safe now!
The Dancing Missionary: Yes, safe in the heart of this beautiful forest. I fear we should have been gobbled up by that monster.
Little Nemo: Let's take off these monkey clothes!

Doctor Pill: Now we shall see why this weapon failed to go off when it should
The Dancing Missionary: Yes, I shall examine mine, also. But for its failure to shoot we should not--
Flip: I'm going to take mine off too, Nemo!
Little Nemo: Yes they look too ridiculous!


The Dancing Missionary: The earth seems to be tipping over Doctor!! Oh!
Doctor Pill: It must be an earthquake!
Flip: What! Another earthquake! Huh!

Doctor Pill: The whole forest is sideways

The Dancing Missionary: It isn't a forest, Doc! It is some monstrous animal!
Doctor Pill: Do you think so?
Flip: I know so! I see his legs way yonder!

Doctor Pill: It is either a live Muzzle Puffer or a Stutzel Dorp
The Dancing Missionary: Doesn't it look like a Sozzen Gipper
Flip: It looks to me like an Ozzle Bup or a Dingle Boob!

The Dancing Missionary: No, it's the Wild Fuzzle Kip, a specie of the Goggle Mop, the sand eaters of Spizzengeek!
Doctor Pill: I have heard but never saw one before! And we were on him
Flip: Were we on his back? Huh!

Little Nemo: Oh! Papa! I thought you were an Ozzle Bupp!
Nemo's Father: You were dreaming Nemo! I heard you fall out of bed, too!

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