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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-07-23 - Monday
Characters Bum Bill Bee, Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat
Contents Fighting_(25), Forests_(24), Moon_(49), Rescues_(19), Rivers_(12), Sleeping_(26)
Transcript Narrator: "William Bee," alias Bum "Bill"--a laborer, a drone, a vagabond, without a home, without a wife, he has no enemy, he has no friend--continued in lower right hand corner. [[Bee wanders down country road, bindle in hand]

Bee: Help, Help!! [[Bee is downing]]

Bee: Help, Help!! [[Krazy Kat hears Bee's calls]]

Krazy Kat: I'm camink, I'm camink!!
Bee: Help!!

Grab a-hold, atta bee--
I got it--

You've got no idea how thankful I am to you, 'Krazy,' I was down for the third time too--
Oh dunt mention it Mr. Bee, by me it also was a pleasure, I insure you--

[[Bee walks down road]]

Bee: ? [[Bee sees sombrero with legs walking other way]]

[[Bee follows sombrero]]

Ignatz: Right over the plate [[Come out from under sombrero, hurls iconic brick at Krazy Kat; Bee crawls under sombrero, leaving his bindle]]

Ignatz: I got him--
Krazy: Ah-h-h--Ignatz is nigh [[Krazy Kat holds his/her head having been hit by the brick]]

[[Ignatz grawls under sombrero; Bee attacks him]]
Krazy: "Ainjil mice"

[[Bee wanders down road (picking up from the first frame) as a crescent moon rises in the background]]
Narrator: --He is a child of destiny without a destination, a pilgrim on the road to "nowhere"-- --"Say Too"

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