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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-07-16 - Saturday
Characters Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Walter Cephus Austridge (Ostrich)
Contents Bricks_(236), Cans_(3), Peddlers_(1), Public_speaking_(9), Selling_(2), Tents_(4), Throwing_(156)
Transcript [[Stage in circus tent. Krazy kat sits at end of long empty bench]]
Ostrich: As I look about me to-night, and gaze upon this vast, and intelligent audience, I can read in it's eye the message of it's mind, the one big idea, the one solid conception, the one concrete belief -- "pre-paredness" bursting into life ----- -etc-
Krazy Kat: hear hear.

[[Outside, Ostrich has with him a can on a small cart]]
Ostrich: I will now take the "audience" into my innermost confidence - - audience look well upon this --
Krazy Kat: Yizza.

[[Ostrich reclines, points toe at krazy kat]]
Ostrich: I will also ask the audience, has it a "enemy"?
Krazy Kat: Yizza, I have, but, oh he's such a sweet l'il "enemy" -- he's so nice --

[[Ostrich puts his head into can]]
Ostrich: Beware of such a "enemy"!! He strikes in the dark !!! But, with my "little gem vanisher" you need fear no enemy -- one thrust of the head, thus, and behold you are invisible to the world, and your enemy !!
Krazy Kat: Ooy--

[[Ostrich runs off, head down in can]]
Ostrich: The "little gem vanisher" is not a stationary article, it moves, it travels, it takes you about, from place to place unseen, and invisible !
Krazy Kat: I wonder if really I don't see him or not ?

[[As ostrich disappears on the horizon]]
Ostrich: And for 60 cents this little article of safety is yours --
Krazy Kat: "Sixty cents" ah-hah, I thought they was a joka' in the deck, somewheres !!

[[Krazy Kat peers into empty tin can]]
Krazy Kat: .60¢

[[Krazy Kat puts head into can]]
Krazy Kat: Huh - .60.¢

[[Krazy Kat walks past tree where Ignatz Mouse is resting]]
Krazy Kat: .60¢ - Robba, !! Beck ellies is full of "vanishers," and here I am inwisible free for nothing --
Ignatz Mouse: Oh-hoh

[[Ignatz Mouse throws a brick and hits krazy kat's can, knocking him down]]
<< zip ba-am ! >>

[[Krazy Kat glances at brick, can, Ignatz Mouse]]
Ignatz Mouse: Don't ever keep me waiting two hours for you again !! Krazy Kat !!
Krazy Kat: ?

[[Krazy Kat throws brick at Ostrich, its head still in can]]
Krazy Kat: Not only a robba', but also a fibba' !!

[[Ostrich jumps up in frustration/anger, its "vanisher" broken]]
Krazy Kat: never a-gain will I be a "intelligent audience" !!

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