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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-07-09 - Saturday
Characters Gooseberry Sprig, Ignatz Mouse, Joe Stork, Kolin Kelly, Krazy Kat, Offissa Pupp, Walter Cephus Austridge (Ostrich)
Contents Balloons_(Novelties)_(7), Bricks_(236), Cauldrons_(6), Deserts_(2), Dogs_(120), Flying_(21), Magic_(19), Wishing_(11)
Transcript [[Ignatz stand by himself in the desert, behind him, an arrow is pointing to a feature in the landscape - marked "Chimney buttes.]]
Narrator: "Ignatz Mouse" is lost!! Lost on the deserts of "Coconino"!!

[[Joe Stork flies in carrying a tripod in his beak, startling Ignatz]]

[[Joe Stork has placed the tripod between himself and Ignatz]]
Joe Stork: "Ignatz" I bring you a "magic jug"

[[Ignatz blindfolded in the same context]]
Joe Stork: Now that you are blindfolded, make a "good resolution", scratch three times upon the jug, and help will be at hand

[[Joe flies off, Ignatz left alone with the jug, still blindfolded]]
Ignatz: About as good a resolution as I could make would be to resolve not to throw bricks at "Krazy Kat" any more.
Joe: Adios.

[[Ignatz scratches the jug]]
<<Scratch scratch scratch>>

[[Ignatz still blindfolded, a balloon appears out of the jug]]
Ignatz: Wal wa-al start the "magic" come on, start it!!

[[Krazy in the jug, holds balloon close to Ignatz. Balloon has string attached to it, with a stick serving as a seat at the end]]
Ignatz: Ah-h - something's commencing now

[[Ignatz climbs onto the "seat"]]
Ignatz: M- mh -

[[Ignatz flies off, Krazy still in jug]]
Krazy: Saved, l'il dahlink, he's saved!!

[[Krazy speeds across the desert, night]]
Narrator: Just that night, "Krazy's" ramble across the sands of the "Desierto Pintado" was lone, and arduous.

[[Inhabitants of Coconino see Ignatz high in the sky, appended to the balloon]]
Narrator: The following morning...
Dog: Ah, it can't be him, he's lost on "The desert".
Cat: It looks like him.
Ostrich: It is too him, I can see better'n you fellas, I' nearer up to him -

[[Ignats lands, takes off blind-fold, surrounded by various inhabitants of Coconino and Offissa Pupp]]
Dog: My-my-my.
Pupp: Yes?
Ignatz: And I made a good resolution, scratched the jug three times, and here I am -
Ostrich: What was the good resolution, "Ignatz"?
Owl: Yes, wot was it?

[[Krazy walks into the circle of "people", out of breath, everybody looks at a brick next to Ignatz]]
Dog: Oh
Duck: Ha
Pupp: Huh
Krazy: "Oh, helloi "Ignatz" I'm so gled you are safe -
Ostrich: Ooy
Hen: Um
Owl: Oh how
Owl: !

[[Krazy some distance from the rest of the people, brick still lying next to Ignatz]]
Somebody: So you made a good resolution?
Ignatz: Yes, and I intend to keep it.
Krazy: L'il ainjil!!

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