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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-06-11 - Saturday
Characters Ignatz Mouse, Joe Stork, Krazy Kat
Contents Baby_animals_(13), Bricks_(236), Cradles_(4), Domestic_life_(2), Houses_(39), Mice_(6), Moon_(49), Strollers_(Baby_carriages)_(4)
Transcript Caption: Joe Stork, who lives on the 'Enchanted Mesa', goes out early this morning- the lump of coal in the corner is Krazy Kat, who was out late last night.
Krazy Kat: Ko-vadis?

Caption: And 'Krazy' is as full of 'Kuriosity' as any of his kind.
(Krazy runs out after the stork.)

Caption: And-
(Joe drops something down a chimney.)

Caption: Now that his 'Kuriosity' is satisfied, let's go on with the tale.
(Krazy looks into a door, above which is posted "Ignatz Mouse".)

(Krazy runs across a field-

-and into a furniture shop.)

(Krazy runs back out with a baby buggy-

-and there is Ignatz, who is standing on something in the middle of the road on which Krazy is running at breakneck speed with the buggy.)
Ignatz: A perfect 'Brick', a perfect 'Day', and that 'Kat' nowhere in sight-

(Krazy then ploughs over Ignatz with the buggy, and Ignatz gets knocked in.)

(Krazy looses the buggy-

-which hits the base of a door-

-into which Ignatz goes flying. Inside is a mother mouse with a buggy full of mouse babies.)
Mouse Mother: And oh, you lovely man, you've brought the little 'Dears' a lovely 'Go-Cart'.

Ignatz: So that's what hit me! I thought it was an Automobile.
Mouse Mother: He's an ideal father-

(Ignatz pushes the buggy away, while Krazy stands nearby.)
Ignatz: Well, I might as well take them to 'Kelly's Brick Yard'. Nothing like starting their education young.
Krazy: I wonder- Would he let me be a 'Near-Uncle' to them little-'Dahlinks'?

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