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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1906-01-07 - Monday
Characters Nemo, Nemo's Grandmother
Contents Arrows_(1), Ethnic_stereotypes_(14), Falling_(131), Horses_(46), Indigenous_peoples_(17), Kidnappings_(12), Rescues_(19), Riding_(37), Rifles_(23), Shooting_(18)
Transcript Indian Chief: Big chief Morpheus he say to me bring Nemo him and he give Wampum plenty to me.

Caption: Nemo, as usual, had gone to bed at nine o' clock and was snoring beautifully when he was startled by hear-
Indian: O-O-O-O-O-OOO-OO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-

Caption: ing an Indian warwhoop. He rushed to the window just in time to see a next door neighbor of his riding away
Indian: O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-

Caption: very much against her will with a bold and dusky savage. His first thought was his grandpa's old army musket up in
Nemo: The whole place is full of Indians. I will take this gun and blow them to pieces.

Caption: the garret. His second thought was to get it and go out an fight. Nemo was quick to think and quick to act and so he
Nemo: Now, where are they? I wish I could see just one them. Well, I'll go for them.

Caption: was soon on the warpath himself. He expected to do considerable damage as he had heard his grandpa say that his old musket was loaded with a charge big enough to blow the moon to pieces. Ever since 1865 and who ever should
Nemo: Oh. There's their footprints ah ha!

Caption: receive it would go to kingdom come along with his friends and relations in th form of mince meat. So when Nemo struck the trail he followed it bravely with such a weapon as he knew it to be. The footprints where here and there
Nemo: If I could only come across one of them. I'll follow the footprints.

Caption: rather hard to make out. However, he had traced them to a spot where he could plainly hear the wails of the stolen
Neighbor girl: Oh! Oh! Oh! Some on come and help me!

Caption: child he proposed to rescue. It was not until Nemo arrived to where she was being held a prisoner that he discovered that he was being followed by a
Neighbor girl: Oh! Nemo! I'm so glad you came, oh! Save me! Nemo, save me!

Caption: band of redskins who seemed to be clamoring one another to get the contents of that rusty old gun. Nemo whirled quickly, -
Neighbor girl: That's it! Oh! Shoot them! Nemo!

Caption: raised up the gun, pulled the trigger and bang! Well, at first he thought a mule kicked him but that couldn't be

Caption: as there was no mule near at the time. At any rate he received an awful kick, which did not worry him
Nemo: Ouch! Ouch! Oh! That gun kick me so hard! Oh! Ouch! Oh, my! Ouch!

Caption: so much as what immediately followed. He fell two hundred feet but landed safe. And perhaps happy, if
Nemo: Oh! Papa! Oh! Mama oh! Oh! I'm shot to pieces! Help I'm dying! Oh!

Caption: the Indians had not persisted in annoying him. His sufferings aroused his grandma finally, who awoke him.
Nemo: Grandma, pull, oh! Please pull these spears out of me.
Nemo's grandmother: You are only dreaming, darling. Go to sleep again, pet.

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