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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-05-28 - Saturday
Characters Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Offissa Pupp
Contents Bears_(16), Bricks_(236), Sleeping_(26), Throwing_(156)
Transcript Krazy: Ah, Ignatz, you've got no ida [idea] how much I long to be a "hero"!
Ignatz: Poo-poodle, poo-poodle, who ever heard of a "kat" being a "hero"?

Ignatz: Why, to be a hero, you've got to be like Napoleon, and Romeo and Juliet, and John L. Sullivan, and Villa, and ol' Captain Kidd, full of fight and ginger --
[[As he says this, Ignatz sees something outside of the panel (stage left), he reaches for a stone on the ground]]

Krazy: [[Crying into a handkerchief]] And ain't I like that, Ignatz?
Ignatz: [[Throwing the stone off-panel stage left with a "Ziz" sound effect]] NO.

[[Stone from Ignatz's direction hits the back of Officer Pupp's head]]
Officer Pupp: ?

Officer Pupp [[Looking behind him]]: SO -- Mr. Kat, s'you -- huh?

[[Stone flies into panel from stage left (Officer Pupp's direction) and hits Krazy in the head]]
Krazy: ?
[[Ignatz spots something off to stage right, grabs another stone]]

[[Bear asleep under a tree]]

[[Stone from Ignatz's direction, stage left, smacks bear in head]]
Bear: ?

Bear: [[Flinging stone back in the direction from which it came]] Dag-nabya!! No "kat" can trifle with me like that!

[[Stone hits Krazy in the head from the bear's direction, stage right]]

Krazy: ?? [[Rubbing his sore head]]
[[Ignatz is looking in Officer Pupp's direction again, a bunch of little question marks over his head]]

Officer Pupp: [[Snapping his fingers in Krazy's face]] And the NEXT time, Mr. "Krazy Kat," you shy a "dornick"* at me -- wa-al, your whole nine lives won't be worth THAT -- savvy?
Krazy: ?
[[Ignatz is hiding from Pupp on Krazy's opposite side, stage right]]
{{*dornick: a pebble or small stone found in a field}}

Officer Pupp: [[Walking off-panel]] Fool --
Krazy: B-b-but Officer "Pupp," I - I - I -
[[Ignatz sees something coming from stage right, the bear's direction]]

Bear: [[Grabbing Krazy unpleasantly by the nose, pointing his finger in his face - while Ignatz hides behind Krazy's back, stage left]]: I'm letting you off easy this time, "Krazy," because it's your first offense, but don't do it again -- I'm a ba-a-d bear when I'm infuriated, a ba-a-a-ad, ba-a-aad bear -- Yassa! [yes, sir!]

Bear [[walking off panel the way he came, stage right]]: "Soft [joft?] shell."
Krazy [[Holding his sore nose]]: ?

Krazy [[Looking sad]]: I-I-I didn't act exackly like them "Napoleons" and them other fellas would'a acted, did I, "Ignatz"?
Ignatz [[Grabbing another stone]] I should say you DID NOT!!

Krazy [[Walking away sadly, stage left]]: Odeer, odeer, then I guess I ain't no hero --
[[Ignatz suddenly drops the stone in alarm, seeing something stage right]]

Ignatz [[Hurrying after Krazy, stage left]]: Hey!! Hero!!!!
[[Officer Pupp and bear are standing watching him go, thoughtfully]]
Officer Pupp: Huh -- I wonder -- I wonder --
Bear: Me too --

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