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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-05-21 - Saturday
Characters Clarence Churchmouse, Dinny Dockrat, Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Mannie Muskrat, Offissa Pupp, Phil Fieldmouse, Willie Weasel
Contents Conspiracy_(1), Cooperation_(1), Eggs_(11), Ladders_(11), Owls_(23), Rescues_(19), Rodents_(27), Running_(142), Throwing_(156), Weasels_(2)
Transcript Willie Weasel: You get hold of "Mannie Muskrat", "Dinny Dockrat", "Phil Fieldmouse", and that poor relative of your's "Clarence Chruchmouse", and all meet met at the old cliff - I know where there's a nest of canary bird's eggs, we'll get 'em, and have a feast, or my name is'nt "Willie Weasel". How about it, "Ignatz"?
Ignatz: Canary Birds eggs is my dish, exactly -

Ignatz: The Coast is clear -

Ignatz: This'll be my first mess of "canary" eggs this spring, and I think I'll have mine poached -
Other mouse: Shirred for mine.
Other mouse: Mine will be scrambled.
Other mouse: Fried-
Willie Weasel: Hard Boiled is my dish-
Krazy Kat: ?

Krazy Kat: I must foil them -

(Sign reads: Kanary Kottage)

Mouse: Sh-h- Not so loud.
Other Mouse: Shall we chloroform the old bird if she yells?
Willie Weasel: No, if she put's up a holler, us five huskies ought to be able to handle her all-right.
Krazy Kat: Robbas, "teeves", they little suspeck that they got me to reckon with-

Krazy Kat: Pooy, sucha ugly tail.

Mice and Willie: ?????

Krazy: Why, Ignatz, is it thee?
Ignatz: Yes, it is-
Willie Weasel: A cat, a cat, run for your lives!!

Krazy: So it is-
Ignatz: You know it.

Owl: Oh-hoh, so it was that 'cat' what chased them mice away, and cheated me out of my dinner-
Offisa Pup: You seem distressed, Krazy-
Krazy: But I ain't, officer pupp, I'm heppy, a lotta robbas was about to steal Mrs Kanary's eggs, but I foiled them-

Owl: Ya-as, and foiled me too, y'idiot
Offisa pup: Some day, I'll find some thing to get mad at him for - Then I'll pinch him -
Ignatz: Golly!!

Ignatz: L'L'Let's go away from h-here, Krazy.
Krazy: No, Ignatz, we'll stay right here until Mrs Kanary's eggs is big enough to take care of themselves-
Owl: I wish that Cat would get away, so I could get my decoy sign and lure those mice up here again - I'm hungry.
Willie Weasel: Soon as that Cat goes away, we'll tackle them eggs again.

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