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Title Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-03-01 - Tuesday
Summary When a law passes mandating euthanasia for people over a certain age, a 60-year old man resists.
Contents Fighting_(25), Older_people_(13), Police_(44)
Notes Wikipedia entry for William Osler
Transcript Mr. Jones's granddaughter: Oh! Oh! Why did Osler ever make such a law? I can't bear to think of poor, poor Grand Pa being chloroformed Oh! Oh! Why do they want to take him?
Mrs. Jones: I want to go too. My lifelong darling. If you are chloroformed then I will go. I cannot live with out--
Mr. Jones: Cheer up loved one! What must be shall be. Cheerup, I shall go. I am sixty and--

Mr. Jones: You want me? Well here I am, you tramps.
Cop: Is dis old man Jones? Dat is to be asfixticated? We come for you.
Mrs. Jones: Oh! Have mercy do not take my husband from--

Mr. Jones: You'll have to call out the reserves if you want to take me. I shall keep you busy you'll find--
Cop: Now here old man, you might as well come. We're going to take you if have to get--

Mr. Jones: Send me Dr. Osler that's the gent I want. Of course you're going to force me to cash in but let me have five minutes with Osler

Doctor 1: Now why don't you take your medicine and be good. We're going to get you at any cost.
Mr. Jones: I know all about that but I am going to keep the flies off of you while you're doing it. I will die game you can bet.
Doctor 2: Get the poles doc.

Mr. Jones: Get out of here! You can't do it you cowards you can't do it.

Doctor 1: Look out for the muscular reaction he''s a terror He's going now
Doctor 2: Yes the old fellow put up a good fight yes
Doctor 3: He's gone ha ha at last. It took plenty of chloroform hehe
Doctor 4: He's dying now

Mrs. Jones: Oh! You be there? Oh! I'm so glad, oh dear! What a turbal dream I wish Clara would not insist so on me eatin' those rabbits evray nigh. Oh mercy I don't like those dreams. Oh!

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