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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-05-14 - Monday
Characters Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Krazy Katfish, Manny Muskrat, Minnie Muskrat
Contents Baby_animals_(13), Boxes_(10), Bricks_(236), Bridges_(11), Caves_(10), Crying_(23), Fish_(16), Mice_(6), Rafting_(Sports)_(1), Rivers_(12), Tunnels_(6), Waterfalls_(7)
Transcript [[A river. Krazy Kat is in a shoe box floating downstream. Ignatz is hiding behind a rock, holding a big stick. We don't actually see Krazy until the third panel.]]
Ignatz: He comes -
Krazy: Oy-yoy and a bottles of rum

[[The shoe box floats past Ignatz. He swings his stick, misses and falls in the water.]]
Krazy: 16 fellas on a dead man's boozum, oy-oy and a bottles of saspanilla

Krazy: Hark!! I heard a splesh -
[[Ignatz is swimming behind the shoe box.]]

[[The stream runs into a tunnel under a hill. Ignatz runs to the top of the hill.]]
Krazy: But I guess it were but a fish, jumpink hitherly and thitherly within the river.

[[The shoe box is about to emerge from the tunnel. Ignatz is above the tunnel mouth, preparing to push a rock onto Krazy.]]
Ignatz: His doom is nigh -

[[The rock and Ignatz fall into the water behind Krazy, who is startled, a "?" above his head.]]

[[Krazy is lying down in the box with his feet up.]]
Krazy: My nose itches. That is a sign that my dahlink "Ignatz" is thinking by me.
Ignatz: Revenge!

[[Ignatz is on a bridge, ready to jump.]]
Ignatz: He shall not escape me this time -

[[Again, Ignatz falls into the water, missing Krazy.]]
Krazy: My, another splesh - How egitated is the river today -

[[Ignatz is on a tree limb over the river.]]
Ignatz: This time - sure-

[[Missed again. Krazy is so startled he almost jumps out of the box.]]
Krazy: Jee-wiz! Yatching on the river is just one fool splesh after another-

[[In cartoons every river has at least one waterfall, and Krazy is heading for it.]]
Ignatz: Ah-hah!
Krazy: And if they don't stop my nerve will be all shot to pieces -

{{Panel number: "Thirteen - and as usual, very unlucky"}}
[[Krazy goes down the waterfall]]

[[Below the waterfall, the shoebox is sinking. Ignatz is on the shore, standing on one leg with both arms raised.]]
Ignatz: Hoo-roor!! He's wrecked!! He's gone, Hooray!!

[[Krazy Kat is underwater, talking to a fish.]]
Krazy: Well, well, so you are Krazy Kat-fish, huh?
Krazy Kat-fish: Yes I am. Let me introduce you to Mr. Mannie Mush-rat.

[[Underwater at Mannie's door]]
Krazy Kat-fish: Mannie, this is Mr. Krazy Kat, a land relative of mine, who is good friends to a land relative of yours by the name of Ignatz Mouse.
Mannie: Welcome, any friend of cousin Ignatz is always a friend of mine. Come in.

[[Cross section of Mannie's burrow. One end is underwater, the other end leads into a hollow tree. Ignatz is above ground walking toward the tree.]]
Ignatz: Da-a-gunnit!
[[Inside the burrow. Minnie is holding a baby and there are at least 8 other children.]]
Mannie: Krazy, meet my wife Minnie and all my children.
Krazy: Pleased to meetcha.
Minnie: How d'do?

[[Ignatz is sitting on a rock, holding a handkerchief and sobbing.]]
Ignatz: Ojee-ojee, he's gone forever - ooh-hoooo-
{{Ignatz's word balloon is like a cloud with rain falling}}
Mannie: That's our back door. It takes you out on land through the old hollow tree. Good-bye! Give our love to cousin Ignatz!
Krazy: Adios!

[[Ignatz sitting on rock, weeping]]
Ignatz: Oh why did I ever treat him so cruel? Oh why oh -
[[Krazy looks out from hole in tree]]
Krazy: Why, li'l ainjil, why weeps thou?

[[Ignatz jumps up, question marks over his head]]
Krazy: It's only me, dahlink -

[[Ignatz throws rock into tree]]
<<Ziz - Pow!!>>

[[Ignatz walks away, dust clouds behind him]]
Ignatz: Krazy Kat!
Krazy: Li'l lollipops! How he loves me!

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