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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1914-07-26 - Monday
Characters Doctor Pill, Flip, Impie, Nemo, The Princess
Contents Cattle_(12), Falling_(131), Lassos_(1), Strangling_(2), Tango_(1), Trees_(26), Vases_(2)
Transcript Flip: Impie is contented now, I'll duck away and leave him and go into the palace and take my tango lesson!

Flip: Well, I got rid of Impie! Now I'm ready to learn how to do the tango!
Nemo: Just a minute Flip!
Princess: I'll be right with you Flip _ Yes!

Princess: Now! One, Two. No! Not that way! Try it again! One!-
Flip: Oh! I see! Wait now._ Go Ahead!_ Ump Tee Tee. I got ye!

Flip: I forgot myself!_ Let's start over again!
Princess: You must not forget like that!
Nemo: It's easy, Flip, Once you know how,_

Flip: I don't._ Eh, seem to,_ Eh,. Get the hang of it!_
Nemo: Oh! Impie! Quit that!!! Flip! Look! Impie's in!

Princess: Oh! Flip! I thought you had got rid of that Imp!_
Nemo: Oh! Impie lassooed Flip's foot! Aw, shucks!

Flip: Hey, guard! Cut this rope, will you? Hurry old pal!_
Guard: What are you trying to do to that calf?

Princess: I pity Impie if Flip gets his hands on him, don't you?
Nemo: Flip will cave his face in._ Flip is a rough kid when he's mad!_

Princess: Oh! Here comes Flip now! He's after Impie! Look!
Nemo: Aw! Don't hit him with that tree! Drop that tree, Flip!

Doctor Pill: See here, young man. What does this mean? Behave sir!

Princess: You are hurting Doctor Pill, Flip!
Nemo: Aw, Flip! Look what you're doing Flip!!!
Doctor Pill: Behave! I say! You hear me?

Nemo (awakes) : Aw! Stop! Flip!._ Oh! I've been dreamin'!
Nemo's Mother: Quit that yelling in there Nemo and go to sleep! You hear?

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