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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1911-05-07 - Friday
Characters Nemo, Nemo's Mother
Contents Beaches_(13), Breaking_the_fourth_wall_(34), Drowning_(1), Painting_(8), Signs_(Notices)_(33)
Transcript [[Nemo is at home. He is wearing a red cap, a black jacket with white collar and cuffs and a red belt, black knee pants and knee socks and black shoes.]]
Nemo's mother: Don't go away, Nemo! We are going to the bathing beach this afternoon!
Nemo: I'll be outside, Mama, across the street! I want to watch those sign painters working over there!

[[Two sign painters, one on a scaffold (Bill) and one on the ground (Ed), are painting a picture of the ocean.]]
Nemo: Oh! Look what a pretty picture they are painting! It's a picture of the ocean!

Bill: Mix me a little blueish pink!
Nemo: I wish I could paint water as natural as that..
Ed: Blueish pink bordering on a yellowish gray, eh?

Nemo: Can't you put me in that picture, sir?
Ed: Sure! Go ahead! You can get right in it! Step right into it! The water is fine!

Nemo: Sure enough! I can step in! I'll wade out a ways 'till Mama comes for me!
Ed: Oh Bridget Donahue! I so dearly love you! If you love me as I love you, no knife...

[[Nemo takes off all but his pants, pulling the pants legs up.]]
Nemo: This is grand! Why should Mama waht to take me to the seashore?

[[Nemo is in the water. We can see some of the letters in the sign now, the bottom half of the word "HELP".]]
Bill: Go to it, kid! Have all the fun you want! Can you swim, kid?
Nemo: No! I wish I could! But I'll learn one of these days, sure!
Ed: I wouldn't swim out too far, if I were you! It's deep out yonder!

Ed (smoking a pipe, wiping brushes with a rag): It's a good thing that kid came along. It saved us from painting one in the picture, eh, Bill?
Bill: Yes, we can quit early and I got to go to a ball tonight too! Let's beat it home, Ed!

Ed: A little black eyed boy? He's over in that sign taking a swim, madame. Yes!
Nemo's mother: Oh! If I get my hands on him! Oh! I see the little rascal! Oh! He's drowning!
Bill: He will not drown! He's painted there!

[[Nemo in water, only his head and hands are visible]]
Nemo: Help! Help! Oh! Here comes Mama! Help! Help! I'm sinking!

[[Nemo is in the water in the sign. Now we can see almost all the words of the sign: "HELP! H... HELP! He would need no help if he... life-savin... Water Wings wont ... you sink...Learn to swim with Wat ... Wings"]]
Nemo: I can not move, Mama. I am painted on here! Call those men back!
Mama: Nemo! Nemo! Come here to me, come out of there! Oh! Nemo! Oh-

[[Nemo is in bed.]]
Nemo: Oh! I dreamed I was painted on a signboard!
Voice from off panel, probably Mama: Nemo! Nemo! Come here! Get up out of that bed! Are you going to sleep all day?

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