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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1911-04-09 - Saturday
Characters Flip, Impie, Nemo
Contents Airships_(67), Cityscapes_(27), Costumes_(12), Crowds_(25), Owls_(23), Post_offices_(3)
Transcript [[Impie, Nemo, Flip and Owl looking across Lake Michigan at the Chicago skyline]]
Nemo: This is the lake front of the great city of Chicago! This is Lake Michigan we are passing over. Chicago was built on a prairie.
Flip: I heard the whole city burned down once and built up again quicker than it burned.
Owl: It has a water front that stretches along for forty miles. Think of it! And rivers all through it.

[[Airship flying over city]]
{{We don't see the characters, so it is not quite clear who is speaking}}
(Nemo): Whether to land on the south side, north side or west side, I cannot make up my mind.
(Flip?): Why not land on the east side and visit the poor kids in the tenement district, Nemo?

(Nemo): They have no tenement house district nor poor kids in Chicago. The east side is Lake Michigan, if there is such a side.
(Flip): Then let's go to the center of the city and take a look around. We'll find a place to land some'rs.

(Nemo): No wonder they call Chicago the birth place of sky scrapers. Let's get dressed up and ready!
(Flip): Yes! I'm going to rig myself out in swell style. This is some city and I'm goin' to have some fun!

[[Inside the airship. Flip is dressed as a cowboy. Owl has no clothes as usual, Nemo is dressed as Napoleon. Impie is wearing an Indian headdress and holding a tomahawk.]]
Flip: How do I look? How do I loom up? Am I wild and woolly looking?
Owl: You surely do look wild, but what is the occasion? You've made a mistake!
Nemo: Go take that outfit off, Flip! You are like everyone who has never been to Chicago! You think you are out among Indians! Wait till we are really out west!

[[Lower decks of the airship]]
Nemo: Land here on top of the post office, Captain, till we find out just what we'll do!
Flip: This is the home of the Cubs! Um, I'd like to see 'em practising. Wow! What a big city!
Owl: (flying) I'll skirmish around and find a landing place.

[[Airship is on top of the post office building. The building is surrounded by people.]]
(Nemo?): We will have to wait until next week to see the sights! We'll map out a programme before we start!
Someone on roof: Hey! Kids! We will meet you next week in either Lincoln, Washington, Jackson, Garfield, Douglass or Humboldt Park.
People in crowd: He's on top of the post office!
People in crowd: Come down here!
People in crowd: Look! There's Flip! Look!

[[Nemo in his bed at home]]
Nemo: Oh! I'm in bed! I thought I was on top of a big building!

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