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Title Krazy Kat
Author George Herriman
Date Published 1916-04-23 - Thursday
Characters Gooseberry Sprig, Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Offissa Pupp
Contents Barrels_(7), Birds_(87), Cats_(20), Chasing_(79), Cliffs_(6), Ice_cream_&_ices_(6), Sombreros_(6)
Transcript Parrot: What's the matter?
Bird: Huh!
Gooseberry Sprig: What ails that cat?
Ignatz: Why aren't you eating your ice cream, Krazy? Don't you think it's any good or what?
Krazy: Could I take my ice cream over there, by the old oaken tree, please?

Parrot: Weey!! Gato much loco.
Bird: Bashful idiot--
Gooseberry Sprig: Fish!!
Ignatz: Bashful me foot!! There's a sinister motive in that cat's actions, let me tell you.
Krazy Kat: I hope it don't melt.

Bird: I can see now we made an awful mistake inviting him to our ice-cream picnic.
Parrot: Toff mog, doze cat no--
Ignatz: That cat isn't fooling me any, I know his low cunning nature, we must follow him, and foil his nefarious plans. Come on--
Krazy: Oh, how I hope it don't melt.

Ignatz: Shuh-h-h. Advance with caution.

Ignatz: Didn't I tell you? Up lads, and at him.
Krazy: If it only don't melt

Ignatz: Keep your eye on him boys!!
Parrot: Yizza (yes sir)
Krazy: My my, if it melts I'll be the most unhappy Kat what is.

Krazy: If it don't melt all will be well, otherwise all won't.

Krazy: Don't melt, ice cream. Don't melt, I ask you like a brother.

Krazy: Don't melt, Ice cream darling, not yet not yet.

Offissa Pupp: Why, you miserable low-life. No kat can upset me and live to tell about it.
Krazy: Don't melt
Sign: Coal chute

Offissa Pupp: Cat, your doom is at hand!

Offissa Pupp: ?
Krazy: Poor l'il orphan kitties. Didn't ole Krazy say he'd have ice-cream for you today, huh?

Offissa Pupp: Huh-

Ignatz: Officer, we're looking for that low creature, Krazy Kat, we wish to destroy him. Have you seen him around?
Offissa Pupp: Just keep right on walking -- maybe you'll find him. March!!

Offissa Pupp: Why Hello Krazy. How's things, huh?
Krazy: Oh, pretty nice. Officer Pup/ Pretty nice. I must say for a fact.

Offissa Pupp: How'd you like to go to the patrolmen's ice cream social tonight, heh Krazy?
Krazy: Oh my, you got no idea how happy i'd be to go, and could you invite Ignatz Mice too. He's such a darling

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