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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1908-11-08 - Saturday
Characters Flip, Impie, Nemo
Contents Baked_products_(11), Bakeries_(1), Breaking_the_fourth_wall_(34), Cakes_(2), Pies_(3)
Transcript Nemo: You are not going to steal them?
Flip: No! My uncle owns the whole bakery. We can have all we want!

Nemo: Pies, cakes, and cookies, eh?
Flip: Sure! Don't let any other kids know it. Come on! Hurry up!

Flip: Now! Take a look at the display! Just look!

Flip: What do you want and I'll give it to you! Me!!
Nemo: I'll have that frosted muffin!

Flip: Huh! It's gone!
Nemo: Oh! It's gone!

Nemo: How did that happen?
Flip: I'll don't know, I'll get you this charlotte russe!

Nemo: Huh! Oh! That's gone too!
Flip: This is funny, I don't think.

Flip: I'll give you this pie! Oh! It has vanished too!

Nemo: Are you trying to fool me?
Flip: Fool you? Somebody is foolin' me!

Flip: Huh! I was going to get that pie for you. But it's also gone!

Flip: And that one is vamoosed, too! Pshaw!

Flip: Well! This has me going. I don't understand it, wow!
Nemo: This place must be hoodooed Flip!

Flip: Hoodooed? Something ails it, sure!
Nemo: Oh! The floor is gone!

Nemo: Oh! What will I stand on? Oh! Oh! Oh!

Nemo: I wonder what is the matter with the artist he's forgot something.

Nemo: He's forgot to draw in the floor! I can't stand on this border line!

Nemo: Oh! Mama! Look what the artist has done to me oh! -

Nemo: Oooh! It was a dream I wonder if mama heard me hollerin!

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