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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1906-01-28 - Saturday
Characters Leo, Nemo, Nemo's Mother
Contents Cats_(20), Lions_(20), Rescues_(19), Riding_(37)
Transcript Clown: Don't you fool us! Bring Nemo to us, we will take him to Slumberland.
Lion tamer: Yes, don't fool us by all means!!! It means a heap to us.

Caption: Little Nemo could not sleep. A deep, rasping, noise made it
Nemo: What is that awful, awful, noise?

Caption: impossible to rest. A large lion had sneaked in, crept
Nemo: Is that you snoring that way? Get out from under there!

Caption: underneath Nemo's bed, gone to sleep and begun snoring
Nemo: Gwan! Get out, I want to sleep. How did you get in here?

Caption: fiercely. Whereupon Nemo promptly arose and ordered him
Nemo: Well, ah, eh, come back here. Come back to me! Hey you!

Caption: out, it surprised him, however, to find his commands
Nemo: Come here! I want to get acquainted with you!

Caption: so quickly obeyed by the king of beasts, so he called the
Nemo: Lay down! Lay down, I say! Lay down! That's it! Down! Down!

Caption: lion back. Such a magnificent creature might turn out to be
Nemo: Now! I want to see if I can't make use of you. Be quiet, be still, and I'll put a bridle on you.

Caption: a grand companion, thought Nemo, and soon after his mama
Nemo's mother: Oh Nemo! Where are you going?
Nemo: Just for a little ride. Isn't this fine mama? Eh!

Caption: saw her son galloping away in high glee. Nemo found, presently, to his great
Nemo: Whoa! Whoa! This is far enough! We'll go back now. Whoa! Whoa!!

Caption: discomfort, that he could neither stop nor turn the brute. The lion galloped madly in one bee line, as it were. For his home in the desert. Nemo saw
Nemo: Whoa, I say! Whoa! Oh! Whoa! Oh! Oh! Geedapp! Gwan! Geedapp! Go! Go!

Caption: at a glance that unless he couldn't urge his steed on something disastrous would happen. But he couldn't urge "Leo", as he called him, one inch. The poor fellow was exhausted and laid down to rest. Nemo then, in desperation, began
Nemo: Get up, Leo! Get up! Geedapp!!! Come on! Get up! Leo! Leo! Gwan! Getapp come let's go!

Caption: to tell for help. Which came just in time, in the form of one of the bravest little men Nemo has ever seen.
Lion tamer: Now, all of you brutes, scatter!!! Every one you! Skip! Gwan! I say! Get out, get away! Fly!!

Caption: Safe again, Nemo would have surely reached Slumberland had not
Lion tamer: Come on, we're off to Slumberland. Hurry! You coward! We are late. They're gone.
Clown: Oh, I'm so frightened! Are they gone? Eh?

Caption: little Leo meowed so, causing him to awake.
Nemo: Hello, Leo! Is that you? Is that you Leo, eh?

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