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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1906-01-14 - Friday
Characters Dooflap, King Morpheus, Nemo, Nemo's Father, The Princess
Contents Elephants_(28), Twins_(2)
Notes Similar to: Dream of the Rarebit Fiend - 1905-04-15
Transcript Dooflap: I will take you to little Nemo.
King Morpheus: Poor little dear. How she does crave a playmate. I hope she gets him.

Caption: Shortly after retiring for the night, little Nemo was somewhat startled to see his double peeping from behind the foot of his bed.
Real Nemo: Who are you?
Nemo 1: I am little Nemo.

Caption: At first he could not believe his eyes but when his visitor climbed into the bed with him he proceeded to get acquainted. He found this
Real Nemo: I'm little Nemo.
Nemo 1: So am I.
Nemo 2: That's my name, too.

Caption: a difficult task, however, for other Nemos came pouring in so fast that greetings of any kind were impossible. He thought it a
Real Nemo: You are getting too thick for me, Nemos.

Caption: surprise party until they all claimed to be he. When he decided they adjourn to the garden where explanations of some sort might be

Caption: made. Nemo was not the least bit jealous but he did not quite understand how or why so many people claimed to be he, to look exactly alike and bear his name. "We are all you" they
Nemo 1: We are you, don't you see?
Nemo 2: We are all Nemos.
Nemo 3: Yes, that's who we are.
Real Nemo: Come out here and we'll find out about this right quick.

Caption: exclaimed in chorus and then Nemo was more puzzled than ever. They were in a great squabble about who's who when Dooflap appeared at the garden gate and made
Dooflap: Nemo! Oh! Little Nemo! The princess is waiting for you on the outside. She's waiting for you!

Caption: an announcement that threw the whole bunch as it were into a riot. The princess of Slumberland craving for a playmate had called for little Nemo and was waiting
Nemo 1: Tell her I'm coming! Yes!
Nemo 2: I'll be there.
Nemo 3: That's my name.
Nemo 4: I'm coming.
Nemo 5: That's me.
Nemo 6: All right.
Nemo 7: Here I am.

Caption: for him just outside the wall. When he saw her Nemo became greatly excited. So did all those claiming to be he. When he found himself unable to make himself known he be-
Dooflap: Which one of you is him? Is Nemo

Caption: came very angry and made such a fuss that Blopp the royal elephant easily picked him out of the crowd and, as they thought, was about to seat him under the canopy
Dooflap: That's it. Lift him up here, my good Blopp.

Caption: beside her majesty, the princess. But it seems the big brute was terribly befuddled by the clamorous mob around and did just what he should have done to all
Real Nemo: Now you see what you fellows have done?

Caption: of the other boys, but not Nemo. It is unnecessary to say here what Nemo would have done to those fellows if he
Real Nemo: Goodness! Oh! Gracious! What will ever become of me? Oh!

Caption: could have returned to the scene. Fortunately for them Nemo was going away from there. What
Real Nemo: Oh! If I could only get at those boys! Oh! Oh! Oh! Papa! Mamma! Oh! Look out in there I'm coming in --

Caption: ever happened or how it turned out outside the garden gate didn't seem to interest Nemo, for he

Caption: screamed so loudly that his papa came in, aroused him and gave him an awful scolding.
Nemo's father: I've a good notion to pound you, Nemo, after your mother cautioning you about eating sardines before going to bed. Eh?

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