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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-12-31 - Thursday
Characters Father Time, Nemo, Nemo's Mother
Contents Aging_(3), Books_(5), Correspondence_(7), Flying_(21), Scythes_(2)
Transcript Father Time: Yes yes. I will do my best. Tell the king I will do my best.
Messenger: If you will tell what a pretty place it is he will come, sure!
King Morpheus' letter: Dear Father Time. While going your rounds tonight, use your influence to get little Nemo to come to Slumberland with you and

Caption: Promptly at twelve o' clock, midnight, Father Time came in and greeted Nemo with a "Happy New Year to you". The sudden, unexpected and
Father Time: Happy New Year to you, Sir, and many of them.

Caption: hurried visit of this quaint old fellow quite upset Nemo who was up and asking questions immediately. "Who", Why", "Where" and "How" were

Caption: all Nemo could gasp in his excitement, but Father Time was too busy to stop so he grabbed up his inquisitor and flew away into the
Father Time: I am in a great hurry as I must go around the world tonight. I'll explain all when we get home.

Caption: future, where he could explain how the years were made. When he had arrived at the home of Father Time, Nemo found out all about how
Father Time: Just touch it and you are. Nine years of age. Each year you touch makes you a year older.
Nemo: Oh, how it makes me grow when I touch it, it's like a six upside down.

Caption: the years are numbered and how each number affected him. The entertainment was both novel and interesting. All he must do to
Father Time: You are fifteen years old now. Let's see, I'll try nineteen hundred and twenty-five on you, you'll like it.

Caption: become a young man of twenty five is "touch the year number of nineteen hundred and twenty-five". Nemo was thoroughly
Nemo: I'm a man now. Ha, ha! I feel fine, how old am I, now?
Father Time: You are twenty five years old, yes. But wait! I'll make you older. What do you say?

Caption: delighted with it all until he was asked to touch the year number 1948, when he balked a trifle, but when Father Time
Nemo: No! This is enough! I don't want any more of this, no! No! Stop!
Father Time: Don't you like it? Well, give me back the numbers and you'll be okay.

Caption: brought him back to himself again he was quite reconciled. Father Time then explained that he must step out a minute and cautioned
Nemo: Oh! How funny! I feel so small, that's splendid! Try it again!
Father Time: No, I must go now, into Slumberland for a minute. You may play around but be careful.

Caption: Nemo to be a good boy until he returned. Nemo is a good boy but a curious little fellow as well, so when he found himself in this odd
Nemo: I'll just try this one by myself and see what it will do. Yes, this one.

Caption: place alone he did just as we might have done probably, gratified his curiosity. His knowledge of arithmetic being limited,
Nemo: Oh! Eh! I can't see. I'm almost blind. Oh! Where is he? Oh! Oh!

Caption: we surmise, is what caused his undoing, principally, at any rate he was undone completely. His efforts to scream loudly, with a
Nemo: Oh Father Time! Where are you? Come! Oh! Come! And make me a little boy again. Oh! Do! Oh! Oh!

Caption: feeble voice, were pitiable, but his mamma heard him and, so she said, most of the neighborhood also.
Nemo: Am I an old man? Oh mamma! Oh! Oh! Mamma!
Nemo's mother: No. No. You are alright, dear. Mamma's here. You were only dreaming, Nemo.

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