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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-11-12 - Saturday
Characters Cheecaumo, Nemo, Nemo's Father
Contents Bridges_(11), Fairies_(6), Metamorphosis_(35), Monkeys_(11), Slaves_(3)
Transcript Messenger: King has just asked me to ask you to bring little Nemo here and he will make you queen of the fairy ballet.
Cheecaumo: Thank you, I shall try.
Slave 1: Did you hear that?
Slave 2: We'll fool her.

Caption: When Cheecaumo called on Nemo, she discovered him sitting up. In just the mood she had hoped to find him and
Cheecaumo: Nemo! Oh Nemo! Won't you come with me to Slumberland? Won't you go with me? Nemo!

Caption: when she directed him to arise and dress himself the speed with which he did it would have astonished his mama.
Cheecaumo: Don't hurry, we have lots of time, Nemo.

Caption: The charming personality of Cheecaumo had won Nemo completely, he would obey her every command gladly.
Cheecaumo: Did you ever see the enchanted bridge, Nemo? Well, come with me.

Caption: So when she showed him the enchanted bridge to Slumberland he was all attention and admiration.
Cheecaumo: There it is. It leads to the palace of good king Morpheus.

Caption: She then instructed him to proceed boldly over the carpeted pathway in the sky and to fear nothing as she would be near him continuously.
Cheecaumo: Now, Nemo, you walk right straight along on this bridge. Don't notice anything on the way. Go straight ahead!

Caption: He started off briskly, while Cheecaumo nearby explained to him how the bridge was held together by thousands of king Morpheus'
Cheecaumo: That's nice. Go ahead, I'll watch over you constantly.

Caption: slaves and how they all struggled to serve their master. Nemo became somewhat uneasy when the bridge began to wobble in sections
Nemo: Oh!
Cheecaumo: That is caused by the slaves who support the bridge. But just keep on they will not harm you. Just step lively, Nemo.

Caption: but Cheecaumo quickly assured him that he was safe. While nothing could harm him, yet to calm his fears further on, she would fit him more for the occasion. She would transform him into a chiquito for the present only.
Cheecaumo: Those slaves are trying to catch you and take you to the king to cheat me but I will fool them. I'll change you into a chiquito then you will be too swift for them. Presto!

Caption: While he did not relish the idea he took it philosophically and in great bounds flew like the wind over the strangely swaying path. The slaves meant no harm. They merely wanted to bring Nemo to the king on a tray
Slave 1: As quick as he lands on my plank I'll run away with him.
Slave 2: He's too swift. I'm afraid for us, fellows.
Slave 3: How I would like to fetch him to the king and cheat Cheecaumo.

Caption: as it were themselves. But in trying to catch him they annoyed Nemo very much so he began to chatter and -

Caption: scream so loud that Cheecaumo appeared again and commenced to try to pacify him, to encourage him -
Cheecaumo: Don't cry. Oh! Nemo! You're safe! I'm here! You're safe, Nemo!

Caption: but there was no use. Nemo had, by this time, lost all control of his feeling and was howling like an Indian.
Slave: I've got him! I've got him! Hooray!
Nemo: Mama! Papa! Oh, come quickly! Help me, oh, mama! Papa come and get me

Caption: Until his papa came in the room and aroused him.
Nemo's father: The next time your mother lets you eat raw onions and ice cream at bed time I'll, well,...

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