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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-10-29 - Monday
Characters Chiceeko, Nemo, Nemo's Mother, Oomp
Contents Birds_(87), Cactus_(1), Falling_(131), Stilts_(4)
Transcript Chiceeko: I know!! I know what I'll do. I'll let him use my stilts.
Pokoko: That's it. You bring him here. Bring little Nemo here and our king will dance with joy. Yes!

Caption: Little Nemo, while very sleepy, could not resist the pleadings of Chiceeko to accompany him, so he arose reluctantly.
Chiceeko: Nemo, oh, oh! Nemo, come quick! Come on, hurry. I want you, yes!

Caption: King Morpheus' messenger was so persuasive and in such a hurry that Nemo became greatly excited. Finally
Chiceeko: I've got a pair of stilts sent to you by the king. Come and see.

Caption: Nemo joined Chiceeko at once and together they hastened away to begin the only sure way to Slumberland. Passing
Chiceeko: You can walk anywhere with them. You can go to Slumberland easy.

Caption: through a large forest they presently came to a deep chasm when Nemo beheld the stilts which he
Chiceeko: There they are. Get on them and hurry up to Slumberland. The king

Caption: was to wear. It took but a second to adjust them properly. When Nemo found himself
Chiceeko: wants to see you at once and is waiting for you. Hurry!

Caption: perched high in the air he felt very tall, of course, and struck out for Slumberland in
Chiceeko: Get on the royal path. Fear no one, go straight ahead, see?

Caption: high spirits. The road was as Chiceeko said rather rocky but he cautiously picked his
Chiceeko: The road is a little rocky at first but get on the path.

Caption: way until he should come to the royal path. After traveling some hundreds of miles he knew he
Nemo: I just know something's wrong. I know I've lost my way.

Caption: must have lost his way. The Love Birds as well as the cactus of the royal gardens dis-
Nemo: Please go away. Don't trip me.

Caption: -couraged Nemo completely. Those affectionate birds all trying to kiss him at
Nemo: Don't kiss me! Don't trip me I say.

Caption: once, stepping in front of him and entangling their long legs in his stilts sent
Nemo: There! I knew you would trip me down.

Caption: Nemo flying face foremost down into the thorny cactus bed. He cried out
Nemo: Oh! Oh! Oh! I want to go home, oh mama! I'm -

Caption: loudly for help but only the echoing hills answered
Nemo: getting hurt, I'm getting - oh! I'm getting speared. Oh!

Caption: until his mama arrived when he awoke.
Nemo's mother: If I ever see you eating peanuts again before you go to bed I'll spank you until you can't stand up, Nemo.

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