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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-10-22 - Friday
Characters King Morpheus, Nemo, Nemo's Father, Oomp, Pokoko, The Princess
Contents Castles_&_palaces_(26), Caves_(10), Falling_(131), Forests_(24), Mushrooms_(9), Running_(142)
Transcript King Morpheus: This child will simply cry her eyes out if you don't bring Nemo here. You must get him.
Oomp: I shall sent Pokoko for him at once, your royal majesty.

Caption: Little Nemo had just begun to snooze when he felt the bed tremble slightly which caused him to immediately investigate.
Nemo: There's something the matter with this bed, it's shaking!

Caption: He discovered that while the floor was in place he and the bed were not and that the usual arrangement was rapidly
Nemo: Oh, the bed is sinking through the floor. That is queer.

Caption: becoming disarranged. However he decided to remain calm so that he might be prepared for any event that he felt sure was coming.
Nemo: Something is going to happen! Oh isn't that a pretty sight? Who is that funny looking man? Whee!

Caption: He then met the Pokoko who greeted him so courteously that all fear left him at once.
Pokoko: Master Nemo, I come to ask you to go to Slumberland. The princess is crying for you.

Caption: Pokoko had a message to deliver from king Morpheus which Nemo received with glee.
Nemo: Does she want to see me? How will I go?
Pokoko: Just take this path and follow it until you come to the palace. Don't touch any of the mushrooms for they are so very tender.

Caption: Nemo started at once up the narrow path which led to the palace as directed by Pokoko.
Pokoko: It's seven hundred and seventy seven miles. Don't touch any of the forest.
Nemo: Just follow this path, eh?

Caption: Nemo became quite nervous after walking some hundreds of miles and stumbled against a giant mushroom.
Nemo: Oh! I'm so tired. Oh! I've pushed this-Oh!

Caption: His first thought was to fly from the scene. In fact, it was his only thought. When he broke the first
Nemo: Oh! What shall I do? Where - How

Caption: mushroom, it bumped against others which in turn knocked down their neighbors until the whole
Nemo: Oh mercy. I want to go home. Oh Papa, Oh!

Caption: forest was falling. There was only one thing Nemo cared to do and that was to yell, which
Nemo: Papa! I'm getting - oh - squashed. I'm getting mashed papa oh!

Caption: he did with all his strength until his papa came in and awoke him.
Nemo's father: Didn't mama tell you not to eat that raisin cake last night? Now go to sleep son.

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